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Posted 16/08/2019 in Tips

How to Create a Virtual Office for Your New Business

How to Create a Virtual Office for Your New Business

Entrepreneurship is a frightening, yet exhilarating, journey. Transforming your skills into a viable freelancing business isn’t an easy feat. In fact, one of the biggest challenges faced byfreelancers is finding a space in which they can be productive and avoid high overhead costs.  

Most Coworking Spaces provide a reasonable Virtual Office solution to this ordeal.

What is a Virtual Office

A virtual office is essentially a fusion between the benefits of remote work and the benefits of a traditional office space.

Entrepreneurs get a physical address and can opt-in to basic office-related services such as having someone answer calls received at the designated office number. 

They also have access to meeting rooms and video conferencing facilities.

A virtual office provides that professional oomph that is often lacking with entrepreneurs who work from home.

A Conclusive Argument Supporting the use of Virtual Offices.

Content that exists about virtual offices tends to tout them as the best solution to an entrepreneur’s office challenges. 

A more balanced argument, however, sheds light on the fact that virtual offices can limit flexibility.

For instance, some virtual offices offer packages that limit the number of meetings an entrepreneur can have.

Additionally, some virtual offices limit accessibility based on the schedule of their employees or the restrictions of the facilities where the offices are based. 

This means, for example, that some virtual offices are closed on weekends which can be a major problem for an entrepreneur who works full-time and only has time on weekends to work on projects.

Nevertheless, there are ways to capitalize on the benefits of virtual offices even if there are restrictions. Some possible strategies include:

  • Use a virtual office as a place where your remote workers can complete tasks productively. You may have remote workers on your team who live in the same area as your virtual office but have home environments where they can’t get much business-related work done. Granting them access to the virtual office minimizes that challenge. These employees can also access the office whenever they’re free and these free periods may be during the week when you’re busy doing other tasks.

  • Avoid the need to pay rent. Operating your small business out of your garage or home office may not be feasible for a variety of reasons. You may be considering renting an office space. However, the rent and overhead costs will eat away at your profits and can send your business towards bankruptcy before it even really begins. A virtual office eliminates the overhead costs. All you have to do is pay either an hourly your monthly subscription fee.

  • The use of a physical location can improve your Search engine Optimization (SEO) strategies. Geography-based SEO is powerful. If you want to attract local customers, using the virtual office’s address and phone number will help you rank better in Google’s search engine.

How to Create a Virtual Office.

You would have realized by now that a virtual office isn’t an office that exists in cyber space. It’s a physical location that offers several amenities freelancers and small business owners need. 

The primary benefit is avoiding rent and overhead charges while capitalizing on the benefits of a physical office space.

Therefore, creating a virtual office only requires on simple step. Research some of the best Coworking Spaces in your area and sign up for a membership package that suits your needs. 

MyCoWork.Space offers a comprehensive list of Coworking Spaces around the world that can be your virtual office in Australia, the UK and the US.

The beauty of this list is that it includes genuine reviews from entrepreneurs who use these coworking spaces as well as real images of these spaces. 

Therefore, you can make more informed decisions. You can also narrow down your list to identify specific coworking spaces and potential virtual offices for which you would want to do site visits. 

A site visit helps you get a true feel of the work environment and determine if that environment truly aligns with your brand.

Join a Coworking Space and Set up your Virtual Office

Business growth increases exponentially when all workers are productive and overhead costs are minimized. 

It’s time for you to take your business to the next level by subscribing to a Coworking Office Space for your Virtual Office. 

Effective use of the space will foster the growth you need to take your business to the next level.

Last updated: August 16, 2019

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