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Posted 21/08/2019 in Tips

How to Choose A Coworking Space That's Right For You

How to Choose A Coworking Space That's Right For You

With more than 20,000 spaces around the globe (and more still being built), the $1B coworking industry is here to stay, and it’s only getting bigger and better, redefining how small businesses and even corporates are now choosing to work.  

Coworking is redefining the future of work. Why? 

Coworking is so much more than a place to work.  It can provide a better work / life balance.   In a recent survey by gcuc and Emergent Research they found out that people working out of coworking space report that:

  • 84% are more engaged and motivated. 
  • 80% turn to other members for help and guidance.
  • 82% expanded their professional networks, 83% felt less lonely.
  • But the most important fact out them all is that 89% are just plain happier.    

Coworking makes you happy! 

With so many new coworking spaces available, how do you know which one is right for you? Our suggestion is basically start with the one that is in proximity of the location you’d like to work in.  This could be the suburb you would love to work from or just choosing the closest to where you live and save commuting time.   Even better, make sure you can use public transport to get to and relieve yourself from stress of the carpark freeways.   Why start and end your day in frustration.

Then enquire directly with the coworking space and tee up a tour or even see if they offer a free coworking day or trial period.   This way you get to feel the vibe and energy of the space, before you commit.  Listen to your gut instincts, if it doesn’t feel right, just try another.

What makes a great coworking space for you is one that can help you chase your passion. You should get to be yourself at work.   Just as your coworking space should be authentic to its unique culture, it should be flexible enough to support you in all the ways you need to work and interact with as much or as little with your fellow coworkers as you like.

It should have a place for you to share ideas, a quiet place for you to knuckle down and get work done, a place for you to sit, stand, lounge or even rock out as you work (remember the headphones though!)

Bring who you are to the space and the community will rise up to meet you.  

Coworking helps you get your work done faster, you get to be around amazing people, and now you get to spend time doing the other important things in your life like being home for your kids, spending time with loved ones or just being able to spend time on a hobby - now go find a  coworking space in your town and find your happy space!

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