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Frequently Asked Questions

What is MyCowork.Space

MyCowork.Space is a Directory and Marketplace of coworking spaces catering to the needs of freelancers, digital nomads, remote workers, entrepreneurs, startups and businesses looking for a space to work, do business, run meetings or host an event.

Where is MyCowork.Space based?

We are based in Melbourne, Australia.

How do I use mycowork.space to find coworking spaces?

Visitors can quickly search for coworking spaces that meet their needs and contact them directly, submit and read business reviews and more.

There are several easy ways to navigate around the site to find your perfect coworking space and related spaces and services they offer.

1. Browse by Category

Coworking categories are listed on the homepage at the top of the page and in the footer.

Click on a category that interests you and a list of all the coworking spaces around you will appear.

Choose from major categories covering Coworking Spaces, Business Centres and Serviced offices to dozens of subcategories to find more specific spaces.

CLICK HERE to Browse Categories.

2. Universal Keyword & Location Search

Appearing on most category pages and search result pages is a dual Keyword and Location Text Search.

You can filter the directory by typing in a specific Keyword or Location or combination of both, Keyword and Location.

For example, the keyword could be a company name like ‘WeWork’ or ‘Regus’ or it could be a specific keyword like ‘coworking space’, serviced office’ or ‘meeting room’, you can further narrow down the results by typing in a country, county, city, state, suburb or postcode or just search by location and no keyword to see all options in a specific area.

CLICK HERE to Search

3. Browse by Country

MyCowork.Space is a global directory of coworking spaces featuring coworking space companies in several countries around the world, with new spaces, cities and locations added regularly.

To browse coworking spaces in other countries, you can access a dropdown selection of countries from the main link menu which appears on every page under the logo.

CLICK HERE to Browse Countries.

How do I find out more about a coworking space?

Coworking Spaces can be directly contacted in a variety of ways, mainly via email or phone.

When viewing the directory search results or individual coworking profile pages, you will see a few different options to contact the coworking space company you're interested in.

All messages sent through mycowork.space are sent using our secure and confidential email system.

Your information is never sold or shared with any Third Parties other than the coworking space you have contacted.

Being an online directory, review site and marketplace, we are an advertising medium – like a newspaper or magazine, but on the web.

The information available on each coworking space profile varies from basic contact details, website, services, and amenities through to live social media feeds, space listings, events, seasonal offers, special promotions, job opportunities, photos, videos, podcasts and more.

Send Message

On each coworking space profile page under the company name is an orange Send Message button.

To contact a coworking space, simply click on the Send Message button and fill in the contact form on that coworking profile page. Your message will be sent directly to the recipient via our secure and confidential system.

Request Information

You can also request more specific information from coworking spaces about their services, meeting rooms, desks, events and rates.

Click on the Workspaces Tab which can be found on each individual coworking profile page, this will list the different workspaces available in that particular coworking space, simply click Request Information next to the workspace type and fill in the contact form.


In directory search results and on each coworking space profile page, there is an option to Show Phone Number, clicking this will reveal the phone number.

If you are using mycowork.space from a mobile or tablet device, you can click on the phone number to call that coworking space instantly.

How can I leave a review for a coworking space?

Feedback is the lifeblood of a business to get insight from users about the experience and your input is valuable information you can share with other coworkers and businesses.

You can write reviews and score each area (Accessibility, Amenities, Community, Infrastructure, Flexibility) on a five-point scale. If you’re unfamiliar with a service, simply leave the score blank.


How do I advertise on mycowork.space?

To advertise on mycowork.space, coworking spaces can sign and create a comprehensive Google Searchable Profile displaying all of your relevant contact information, location details, and the content is completely expandable to include your office space listings, coworking events, job openings, amenities, and services offered and much more to improve your search engine presence tenfold.

You can sign up using an existing facebook or Google account, the listing process is easy and takes less than a few minutes to create your profile and be online, ready to advertise spaces, create offers, promote events, respond to enquiries, view metrics and more.

CLICK HERE to Join and Advertise Your Coworking Space.

What information can I add to my profile?

MyCowork.Space is a directory optimised for exponential content, and geared towards expanding your content to tell your story, with all the keywords, related searches, meta tags, Google Mapping and structured content for search engines sitting behind every page and bit of content on your profile.

Your profile page is a powerful micro website that is designed to enhance your brand and continually increase your visibility in search engines.

How effective is mycowork.space?

You'll enjoy high quality leads – thanks to our On-Page Call to Action features and high conversion rate.

We want you to have all the tools to succeed and that’s why your profile is keyword rich, well-structured and optimized for web to make your pages shine in search results, taking some of the leg work out of search engine marketing (SEM) and search engine optimisation (SEO).

How can I access the leads I have received?

Once your account is activated, and you add your email address, any enquiry made on your profile will be instantly delivered directly to the email address you nominate and also stored in your Manage Leads section in your member area.

You can log into your secure account at any time, and view all details of the enquiries received from day one.

How can I respond to reviews and ratings?

Any user who visits your profile can leave a review and rate your services. The review process begins when a General User visits your profile and clicks on "Write a Review."

Once you get your first review, a “Reviews” tab will appear on your public profile with the most recent review at the top.

Reviews are stored in your admin panel under “Manage Reviews." Depending on your profile level, Basic, Standard or Premium, will determine what level of moderation is available.

Basic Members can only view their reviews. An admin will ensure the review meets our standards before publishing. You will be notified via email and the review will become visible in your admin area and on your public profile.

Standard Members can Accept or Delete their reviews, but cannot reply. The review will sit in your admin panel until you approve it, once approved it will show on your public profile.

Premium Members have full control over their reviews and are able to Accept, Delete and Reply to all reviews. When replying to reviews, you may only leave one reply per review and edit as needed.

Page Last updated: March 5th, 2020

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