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Keeping coworkers happy.

"As a self-employed individual, I’m always trying to find a local coffee house or someplace comfortable to go over all of the documents with my clients. Now that I’ve joined Coworking Connection, I set appointments for my clients to meet me in a professional conference room. I only pay for the amount of time I use the room, and I can’t tell you how much of a benefit this has been to my business." Adam R, Mortgage Broker - working out of Coworking Connection, California

"This is a brilliant platform for entrepreneurs! I moved from Melbourne to Launceston a few months ago and started to experience the potential of this small city to develop at an exponential rate with active contribution of The Van Diemen Project and Cowork Launceston." Ram K, Process Improvement - working out of Cowork Launceston, Tasmania

"Since we joined Fishburners our business has gone from being a money-losing near-disaster to a profitable small enterprise.We now get expert business and technical advice we were once paying thousands and thousands for, now free from our fellow Fishburners.” Angela E, Co-Founder - working out of Fishburners, New South Wales

"All the Areaworks locations are brand new, the space is equipped with everything you might need while still retaining a very chill vibe. Never had any problems with the WiFi an the pricing is great compared to other coworking spaces in similar locations. Great and responsive staff too!" Romas D, Head of Operations - working out of Areaworks Manor House, London.