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Posted 10/10/2019 in Tips

How to Effectively Use Hot Desking as A Busy Freelancer

How to Effectively Use Hot Desking as A Busy Freelancer

A hot desk is not a desk that burns your hand whenever you touch it. Instead, hot desking is a trend associated with coworking spaces where the person who uses the desk changes regularly. 

In other words, the desk does not have a designated owner; someone who uses a hot desk today may use a different hot desk in the same place tomorrow.

Initially, hot desking seems intimidating to freelancers who thrive on stability and order in their work spaces. Once they overcome this fear, they relish the thrill of using a new workspace each day. Here are some of the ways hot desking supports this thrill and boost a freelancer’s productivity.

Break Up the Monotony

Freelancers sometimes argue that renting a hot desk at a coworking space eats too much into their profits. 

They would much rather save money by working from home. However, the monotony of the home environment, coupled with the numerous distractions, can make productivity difficult.

Monotony can also become a feature of a coworking space. 

Working at the same desk each time the coworking space is used may eventually become distracting because of the monotony.

Hot desking provides a solution for both monotony issues. 

Members of coworking spaces can use a new hot desk location each day if they visit during non-peak hours. 

Conversely, coworking members who work during peak hours may have no choice but to use whatever hot desk is available.

Increase Interaction with Other Freelancers

Networking is one of the strongest benefits of coworking spaces. 

Hot desking increases networking possibilities by frequently changing the places where freelancers sit. 

In other words, the person a freelancer sits beside today may not be the same person the freelancer sits beside tomorrow.  

The conversations that freelancers who work beside each other can strike up sometimes facilitate beautiful partnerships.

One may argue that constantly changing the person a freelancer sits beside makes building these relationships difficult. 

Although this is a fair point, hotdesking also increases the chances of making new connections that can be nurtured outside of the coworking space. It’s a trade-off.

Get the Creative Juices Flowing

Hotdesking in coworking spaces surrounds freelancers with others on similar journeys. 

It is often difficult for freelancers to find other people who are facing the same struggles and finding creative solutions. 

Coworking creates the atmosphere where freelancers can learn from each other and get more creative ideas.

Hot Desking Isn’t the Only Feature of a Coworking Space

The beauty of hotdesking in a coworking space is that there are a variety of work environments available. 

Freelancers can choose to avoid hot desking altogether by booking private workstations in advance. 

Those who prefer a more relaxed environment that makes collaboration easier can move to lounge areas. 

Coworking spaces provide numerous work environments in a small space.

Is Hot Desking for Everyone?

The simplest answer to this question is no! 

Some freelancers need structure and consistency in order to thrive while others excel when the monotony is broken up. 

Nevertheless, the fact that a coworking space provides multiple work environments means that all freelancers are bound to find somewhere within the space that works for them. Hot desking is not the sole work model of a coworking space.

Freelancers should bear in mind, however, that coworking requires a specific mindset.

A freelancer may book a private workstation, but the reality is that interaction with other users of the general coworking space is bound to happen at some point. 

It may be at the coffee bar, restroom, lunch area… anywhere where people are likely to gather.

Consequently, all freelancers must view coworking spaces as environments for collaboration, innovation and networking. 

This is truly the best way to make use of hot desking and all the other features of coworking spaces.

Last updated: October 10, 2019

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