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Posted 10/09/2020 in Coworkers

6 Tips to set you up for success when working in a Shared Workspace

6 Tips to set you up for success when working in a Shared Workspace

Shared workspaces are hallmark features of coworking hubs. 

Hotdesking is the term most often used to describe how members of coworking hubs use shared workspaces. 

It is an experience which can both be exhilarating and frustrating.

Exhilaration comes from the dynamic nature of a shared workspace. 

Being in a new space each day can boost creativity and create more opportunities to forge new relationships.  

On the contrary, these benefits can also lead to frustration.  

Too much change and inconsistency can reduce concentration and limit one’s ability to form long-lasting relationships.

The trick is striking the right balance so that using a shared workspace does not lead to frustration. Here are 6 ways that you can use a shared workspace effectively.

Understand Who You Are

This is truly where it all begins.  

You must understand the type of person you are and ultimately the work style that allows you to thrive.  

Some people can only work in a quiet space with no distractions while others thrive in high energy spaces.

Shared workspaces offer options that suit both work styles.  

For instance, hotdesking may work well for those who enjoy the hustle and bustle while private workspaces make work better for those who work best in solitude.

Environment Matters

The ambience of a shared workspace can affect productivity. 

Some shared workspaces are more hip, chic and modern while others have more of a corporate feel. 

The ambience you prefer should play a major role in the shared workspace you choose. 

Working in an environment that you actually like will help you effectively use the space.

Sign-Up for the Added Benefits

Some shared workspaces cater to the holistic needs of their members. 

For instance, a shared workspace may offer health insurance or exclusive gym memberships to their members. 

Always remember that a shared workspace is more than a convenient office space; you can get so much more out of your membership.

Interact with Other Members

Interacting with others comes naturally for some people. 

However, there are those who prefer to remain in their reclusive bubbles, never venturing out to capture new opportunities. 

A shared workspace is a melting pot of talent. 

The only way to appreciate and leverage this talent is to make an effort to meet other members of the shared workspace.

Don’t Forget Why You Went to the Shared Workspace

There is a downside to interacting with other members; you may get distracted. 

Don’t forget that you are paying a membership fee because you want to be productive. Interacting with other members is good, but it should not consume your time. 

Know when to feed the interaction and when to withdraw to get some work done.

A tip for maintaining your focus while using a shared workspace is to create a list of the 5 things that you must do before leaving. 

This list should rank the tasks in in order of interest and priority. 

It is easier to try to complete smaller tasks that you enjoy rather than tackling a huge task that will take a long time to complete.

In fact, completing the smaller, more enjoyable tasks first will give you a feeling of victory that motivates you to complete the other, more difficult tasks.

Be Mindful of the Space You Use

Avoid being one of those people who transforms a workspace into a hodgepodge of work files and tasks. 

Remember that you are using a shared workspace which means that other people will also be using the space. 

Keep your area clutter-free and clean.

Get the Most Out of Your Shared Workspace

The hunt for the right shared workspace is easier if you understand who you are and the type of work environment that boosts your productivity. 

Once you have found the space, you must mingle with the members without losing focus. Additionally, you should take care of the area you use.

Mycowork.space has a directory of some of the best shared workspaces across the world. Browse through the list to find the right shared workspace for you.

Last updated: September 11, 2020

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