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Posted 11/07/2019 in Coworkers

Promote Yourself and Get Featured!

Promote Yourself and Get Featured!

We're about educating and inspiring the coworking community. Knowledge breeds success!

It’s an amazing time for people to create businesses that helps them pursue their passions. 

Coworking spaces offers fantastic opportunities for collaboration, development, networking and learning.  Heck, that's why you're working in one :-)

We're offering YOU the opportunity to share your news, share the joys of your coworking space, share your insights about growing your business and tell your story to the global coworking community.  

There's always more than one perspective on how to go about achieving success, and we love sharing these stories from entrepreneurs around the world.  

It's also a great way for you to get additional exposure, grow your brand/business and build your authority in your niche!

So how can you get featured?

Share Your Tips and Know How.

Through your experience, do you have tips and advice to share that will help other entrepreneurs, freelancers, startups, small businesses and remote workers to keep motivated and reach their goals?  

Of course you do, so share any advice on subjects like:

  • Start Up Growth Hacks
  • Mindset and Winning Attitudes
  • "How To" guides (e.g. how to get your first 50 customers)
  • Successful Habits 
  • Tools for helping business productivity

Share Your Experiences and Stories.

Every road to success has an amazing and unique journey.  

Share your know how, wins & failures.  

A personal story shared about your own experiences with founding a start-up, growing a business, hustling your product or working remotely is perfect inspiration for educating those that are just starting out, to those that just need a little more with ideas on how to work more productively.

Share Your News.

Sharing news is perfect for space & events managers and coworking spaces that have major news to share.  

This can be updates on anything such as:

  • Businesses that have flourished in your space
  • Renovations due or completed
  • Feature Video's and Photos of events held
  • News on Expansion of your coworking business
  • Funds and VC raised by spaces or coworkers

Get Interviewed.

If you're a member of a coworking space or a coworking events/space manager... you've definitely got stories to tell.  

We would love to do an interview with you and create an exclusive feature about how you go about your day and more importantly explore and share with others about what you do and how you do it.

There is nothing more rewarding than sharing these stories and inspiring the community to Work happy. Be productive and helping them find their happy [work] place.  


Sharing Tips, Know How, Experiences, Stories and News. 

Getting your content and articles featured is as simple as emailing us your completed article in a word doc to hello@mycowork.space  titled "Article Feature".  Please include at least 1 image/photo, and the more images, the better.  If you are using stock photos or graphics, please ensure that you have the rights to use them!  If you have a video, include the YouTube link in the email. 

Or in the email include links to Google Doc's so we can download.

Also, send across a head shot of yourself and a short bio (about 2 sentences max) and 1 link to either your website or social media platform to be included in the author section.    


Email us at hello@mycowork.space  titled "Interview" telling us some interesting facts and stories about yourself, including a link to your website (if you have one?).  This will give us a better understanding of you and help us create great interview questions. 

Terms and Conditions   

Article Length:
Minimum is to be around 1000 words.  You can’t put much advice, experience, & expertise in a 400-500 article. If it's a news related article, minimum of 500 words is fine.

Original Content Please:
We prefer content to be at the very least 70% original.  Understanding that you may have posted your article online your own blog, or on other websites, we don't penalise you for doing this as long as you re-work / rewrite it so it is not identical to any other article posts you have done.  All submitted articles will be checked to ensure originality and plagiarism.

Can I include back links to my website or product?
Yes you can, if it has relevance to the topic your article is covering, however your article will not be published if it is only promotional or 'spammy' in nature.

Can I include affiliate links to my article? 
No.  We do not allow affiliate links, and if your article includes such links, we will remove it.

Have Questions?
Email us at hello@mycowork.space and we will get back to you as soon as possible. 

Last Updated July 11, 2019

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