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Posted 06/05/2019 in Coworking Spaces

Top 5 facts that Coworking Spaces are great for business growth right now and beyond.

Top 5 facts that Coworking Spaces are great for business growth right now and beyond.

Coworking spaces are the offices of the future. There are more remote workers, solopreneurs and small business owners who need a space where they can work productively without paying exorbitant rent and overhead charges.

New coworking spaces help these workers and creatives solve this problem.

It’s an amazing time for people to create businesses that help them pursue their passions. There are more opportunities for small business growth than ever before.  

Business.com supports this fact by stating that coworking has been the fastest growing work trend of the past decade because “freelancers, startups and big corporations [use] coworking spaces to innovate and promote growth.”

Here are 5 realities about coworking spaces that support their continued growth for this year and beyond.

Coworking Spaces are a Great Place to Network

Freelancers get some of their biggest clients from the people they meet at coworking spaces. 

Most coworking spaces, in an effort to promote their brands, have a series of networking events from which their members can benefit. 

This helps solopreneurs and freelancers who often don’t have networking opportunities to engage in activities that benefit their business.

It is also possible to network with other workers in a coworking space without depending on a networking event. Here are some ways that coworking space members can do this:

  1. Sit in communal spaces and engage in the conversations happening there.

  2. Be open to having conversations with new people. Introverts may have a challenge with this but it is necessary for forging relationships. Some coworking spaces have lunch areas, juice bars and coffee tables where members can strike up conversations.

  3. Be friendly and natural.  People like to connect with others who are genuine and easy to interact with.

Existing Companies Use New Coworking Spaces to Support Remote Workers

Some companies have flexi-work schedules that enable their employees to work remotely. Coworking spaces support remote workers by:

  1. Having multiple areas to support various work functions. You can move from a hot desk in an open space to a private room to accept a video conference call.
  2. Providing the best Wi-Fi access since most of these people’s work is based online.

  3. Allowing 24-hour access. Not all coworking spaces do this because security and maintenance fees can be major concerns. However, the reality is that people work at optimal levels at different times of the day. Some people work better at nights while others work better in the mornings. Flexible access to coworking spaces, therefore, helps remote workers work at their optimal times.

  4. Having the right technology to support booking spaces and other services needed.

New Coworking Spaces Create More Inviting Environments for Recruitment

Interviews can often be intimidating for new recruits. 

Coworking spaces create a more relaxing environment that sets potential employees at ease and helps them be their best selves. 

Some large companies use coworking spaces as the first stage in their recruitment process. Small business owners also use coworking spaces to support their recruitment drives.

Business of All Sizes Control Costs by Using New Coworking Spaces

Companies are downsizing and finding creative ways to reduce their operating expenses. The monthly membership fee for a coworking space is much cheaper than renting a space in an office building. 

Additionally, these companies don’t have to worrying about utility bills that add to high operating costs.

Investors Find Innovative Companies in New Coworking Spaces

Coworking spaces bring the best startups together in one place.

They are essentially treasure chests for investors to find companies that will increase their wealth. 

Some investors even hire people to scout for the next big thing in these coworking spaces. This is one of the reasons networking is crucial in new coworking spaces.

Coworking Spaces Are the New Norm!

The realities of new coworking spaces paint a clear picture of how these spaces benefits small business owners, remote workers and corporations alike. 

Their amenities, cost-saving options, opportunities for startups to find funding, and networking opportunities make them great spaces for helping people get the most out of the work they do. 

Find some of the best coworking spaces around the world right here on mycowork.space.

Last updated: June 18, 2022

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