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Posted 01/12/2020 in General

Profile Content Quality Guidelines

We know you want to book more business — which is why after you create your account on MyCowork.Space, our Team will review and optimise your Profile as needed in order to help your business stand out and make it easy for coworkers to find you.

Below are some helpful guidelines for creating and editing your Profile.

Important details your profile must include:

  • Your verified business name
  • Your business address
  • Your website
  • Note: Facebook pages are acceptable if you don’t have a business website.
  • Your phone number
  • Your business logo

Your Business Description

If your description was optimised by our team to improve conversion, and boost your SEO performance, any changes you make should follow our Profile Content Quality Guidelines, which include:

  • Proper spelling and grammar
  • No copy/pasting from another source (including your own website)
  • Titles should be bolded (no other text should be bolded)
  • Don’t use italics, underlines, styling tags or hyperlinks
  • All text should be left-aligned Bulleted lists must contain at least three items and include a colon
  • Descriptions must be written in the third person (e.g. “this coworking space” instead of “our coworking space”)
  • Write with a neutral tone (we know you’re great, but please no phrases like “best cowork space in ____")
  • No promotional text, lists of awards, events, or reviews.


Our formatting guidelines depend on your type of business (ie: coworking space or business service) We’ve bolded the items that must be included:

Co-working Spaces, Co-living Spaces, Serviced Offices and Business Centres:

  • Introduction Eg: [Company Name] is a [space type] located in [City], [State]
  • One paragraph (3-4 sentences)
  • First sentence should include company name and location
  • Facilities and capacity
  • Spaces offered
  • Services offered
  • History
  • Location details (nearby parking, transport, shops, gardens, main roads, etc.)

Business Service

  • One paragraph (3-4 sentences)
  • First sentence should include the company name and location
  • Experience
  • Services offered
  • Areas covered


Profiles on MyCowork.Space should feature high-quality photos showcasing the spaces you offer. A minimum of six-eight photos are needed to complete your Profile and should follow the below guidelines:

  • Minimum Image size 760px x 400px
  • Photo descriptions will be reviewed and updated by our Team for spelling, grammar, and accuracy.
  • No words in all caps.
  • Venues should feature at least one photo of the spaces you offer.

Photos should not include the following:

  • Contact details such as website, email, phone numbers or references to social media sites
  • Screenshots from computer screens or mobile devices
  • Promotional or event posters, advertisements, award certificates or logos
  • Small watermarks/logos over photos that don’t include contact details are ok.
  • Montages, collages, frames or blurred edges

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