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Posted 11/02/2019 in Seminars

Activating a Brand that Sticks: A Masterclass with André Eikmeier

United Co. Coworking Space Melbourne 425 Smith St, Fitzroy VIC 3065, Australia
Activating a Brand that Sticks: A Masterclass with André Eikmeier
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7:30 PM
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A brand needs more than simply a strong identity. Crafting content that evokes emotion and inspires action is the only way to build and nurture a thriving community. 

We buy with emotion and justify with logic. 

So how do you create a brand and message that speaks to your audience’s emotion? What stories will you tell?

André shares his insights from creating one of the most engaging wine brands in the world, and shows us how to tell a story and create a strong content strategy that people will care about, talk about and share. Join André to create a brand that sticks!

In this masterclass you will:

  • Develop a clear understand of your content pillars and the stories you will tell

  • Articulate your brand’s Core Idea

  • Articulate the feeling of your brand

  • Leave with a blueprint for your content strategy to grow your community

These masterclasses are heavily hands-on, interactive and we will be applying all concepts directly to your business, project or concept in the room.

If you are attending this masterclass, we recommend you also consider attending our first masterclass on the Foundations to a Brand that Sticks.

You can learn more about our entire Expert-in-Residence series with André 

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425 Smith St, Fitzroy VIC 3065, Australia

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